Bankruptcy Court Orders & Opinions, Including Appeals

OrderApril 6, 2020Order
Memorandum Opinion and OrderSeptember 25, 2018Memorandum Opinion and Order Concluding that Signatory Plaintiffs and GUC Trust Must Satisfy Civil Rule 23
Memorandum Opinion and OrderJanuary 18, 2018Memorandum Opinion and Order Regarding Motion to Enforce the Settlement Agreement By and Among the Signatory Plaintiffs and the GUC Trust
OrderNovember 14, 2017Order Concluding That Production and Use of Four Documents Protected By a Common Interest Agreement Would Result in a Subject Matter Waiver
Pre-Trial Stipulation and Scheduling OrderOctober 11, 2017
Memorandum Opinion and OrderJuly 12, 2017Memorandum Opinion and Order Deciding Certain 2016 Threshold Issues
OrderJuly 10, 2017Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part General Motors LLC’s Motion to Enforce the Ruling in the Bankruptcy Court’s June 7, 2017 Opinion with Respect to the Pitterman Plaintiffs
Memorandum Opinion and OrderJune 7, 2017Memorandum Opinion and Order
Orders in Pending CasesApril 24, 2017Various
OpinionJuly 13, 2016Opinion on Appeal from Judgment
JudgmentDecember 4, 2015Judgment
DecisionNovember 9, 2015Decision on Imputation, Punitive Damages, and Other No-Strike and No-Dismissal Pleadings Issues
JudgmentJune 1, 2015Judgment
OrderApril 15, 2015Decision on Motion to Enforce Sale Order

14-MD-2543 (JMF) and 14-MC-2543 (JMF)